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about the award
James D. Watson Helix Award

History of the Award

The James D. Watson Helix Award was founded by the Center for Biotechnology and Stony Brook University in 1996 and is awarded annually in partnership with the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO). The award recognizes biotechnology companies that have distinguished themselves by setting a singular standard of corporate leadership as reflected in performance in the areas of scientific innovation and company growth.The James D. Watson Helix Award symbolizes the true entrepreneurial spirit and commercial accomplishments of the biotechnology industry.

In 2005, the award began to bear the name of James D. Watson, the Nobel Laureate who is recognized around the world along with his partner and co-recipient, Francis Crick, as having laid the foundation for the modern biotechnology industry. Their discovery of the structure for the DNA molecule inspired the development of modern biology and revolutionized the way we understand life.

The James D. Watson Helix Award is the bioscience industry’s sole award for outstanding corporate achievement, and it celebrates the importance, the excellence and the creative character of the industry.

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